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​A política da diretoria do ​Grêmio nos últimos anos tem sido aproveitar oportunidades para realizar contratações e reforçar seu elenco. De olho no futuro, um jogador criado nas categorias de base do Tricolor voltou a afirmar que pretende retornar ao clube. O último a chegar em Porto Alegre foi o atacante Diego Tardelli, que ficou sem contrato na China e tinha a intenção de trabalhar com Renato Portaluppi.Neste sábado (1), em entrevista à Rádio Gaúcha, Lucas Leiva reiterou seu desejo de voltar a vestir a camisa do Grêmio. Depois de 10 anos no Liverpool, o volante deixou o clube inglês em 2017 para atuar no futebol italiano.


“Renovei com a Lazio e vi alguns gremistas reclamando, dizendo que eu não iria mais retornar para o Grêmio. Sempre falei que minha vontade é jogar no Grêmio novamente, mas é difícil planejar isso hoje. Pode ser que aconteça ou não. O carinho e admiração, continua”, disse o jogador.O retorno ao clube, no entanto, não é nada fácil. Com 86 atuações pela Lazio e quatro gols marcados, acumulando os títulos da Copa da Itália da Supercopa da Itália, Lucas Leiva é um dos grandes nomes no elenco biancoceleste. “É muito difícil pensar a carreira com o coração. Eu criei laços importantes com a Lazio. Tenho muito carinho e gratidão ao Grêmio e gostaria de jogar de novo aí sim. Mas não sei se um dia será possível”, adicionou.


Lucas Leiva surgiu no elenco profissional do Grêmio em 2005, quando o clube lutava para voltar à Série A. Ele permaneceu no Tricolor até 2007, sendo parte importante na campanha do vice-campeonato da Libertadores, somando 75 jogos e oito gols marcados. Na sequência, se transferiu para o Liverpool. Nos Reds, foram longos 10 anos, com 346 atuações e sete bolas na rede, erguendo a taça da Copa da Liga Inglesa de 2011/12.


Aos que estão criticando o cara: vocês largariam uma vida confortável, segura e com todas as comodidades na Europa para voltar ao caos que está Porto Alegre? Se coloquem no lugar dele. A família vêm antes de tudo. E não acho que ele seja menos gremista por isso. 路
— Eveline Zurobski  (@EvelineZurobski) 1 de junho de 2019

O time inglês pagou 5 milhões de euros (cerca de 21 milhões de reais na cotação atual) para tirar o jogador do Sul e o vendeu, em 2017, pelo mesmo valor. “Eu mantenho contato ainda com o Gerrard, o Firmino, o Coutinho é um irmão para mim. Das antigas, perdi o contato com o Mascherano, mas volta e meia eu ainda converso com o Suárez”, disse ainda o volante à Gaúcha.

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​Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker has spoken about Loris Karius’ nightmare performance in last year’s Champions League final, admitting it was ‘sad’ to see one of his goalkeeping colleagues endure such a difficult night.


The Brazilian prepares to help the Reds make amends and take the trophy home 12 months on, as they prepare for a second successive final against Tottenham on Saturday.


Even with preparations in full swing, however, many in the Reds camp will be cursed with flashbacks to a year ago, when two errors from Karius and a spectacular strike from Gareth Bale allowed Real Madrid to run out 3-1 winners. Whether as a direct result or not, Alisson was brought in to replace the German months later, and has had a seismic impact on a previously meek defence, winning the ​Premier League Golden Glove and playing his part in a stellar campaign. He refused to wear the number one shirt this season out of respect for Karius, however, and in an interview with ​Globo Esporte, he expressed sympathy towards his contemporary, saying that the errors may have ‘marked’ his career.


“We get sad when a colleague has a moment like this, especially in the Champions League final,” he said. “It’s something that marks the player’s career, but we have to go around it, know how to deal with the mistake no matter when it happens.“It’s inherent in the profession. The goalkeepers are more marked because, when an error occurs, 99% of the time ends in a goal and can decide a match, a championship. It sure gives a feeling of sadness, because we know how much we work and dedicate to make things happen in the best way.”


Karius was visibly distraught after the match, and following Alisson’s arrival, he left ​Liverpool on a two-year loan to Besiktas to rediscover his best form away from the spotlight.


Still a contracted player to Jurgen Klopp’s side, he was invited to watch the final alongside his teammates, but according to the ​Mail, he has opted to remain on holiday, not wanting to serve as a distraction from his parent club’s preparations.Whether or not a Liverpool victory in Madrid would give him a sense of closure remains to be seen, but for Alisson and the rest of the Liverpool squad, it would certainly be the ideal way to round out an impressive debut season and exorcise the lurking demons of a year ago.

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Lazar Marković is not a good soccer player. It would even be fair to describe him as an actively bad one, at least relative to the level expected of players at the clubs that have paid him a sizable salary to do anything but play soccer for them these past few years. And yet, until today, Marković has spent five years employed by clubs in the Premier League—most of that time by the eminent Liverpool Football Club—and has cashed every single one of the fat checks those teams promised him in spite of him doing almost nothing to earn them. For his dogged insistence at being paid every cent he was owed, he is a hero to us all.

Liverpool put Marković on the map when they purchased him in the summer of 2014, back when he was one of the more coveted young attacking prospects in European soccer, for a soon-to-be infamous sum of £20 million. The amount seems paltry now, but £20 million was a hefty chunk of change back then, the kind of money you’d spend only on someone you thought had a real chance to be a star.

Clearly, the powers that be saw something in the then-20-year-old Serbian winger that convinced them to sign him up and hand him a reported salary of £35,000 per week—near the bottom of Liverpool’s payroll, but still a very competitive figure that few teams around Europe could afford for a promising rotation player. In retrospect, whatever they thought they saw in him was an illusion.In Marković’s first and only full season with Liverpool, it was almost immediately obvious he didn’t have the skills to contribute to an elite club. He is fast, and can run past slower guys if he has open space in front of him and a head of steam, but he can’t shoot or pass or even move well in anything other than a straight line, making him essentially useless for any club of a decent level.

After realizing he was useless, the Reds banished Marković from the first team with extreme prejudice. His last appearance for the Pool Boys was a six-minute cameo against QPR in May of 2015, a game remembered only for being the date of Steven Gerrard’s final Anfield goal. After that he went nearly an entire five years without stepping foot onto the pitch in Liverpool colors for a meaningful game.

In spite of Liverpool’s constant efforts to pawn him off on someone else—the Reds loaned him out to Fenerbahçe, Sporting CP, Hull City, and Anderlecht over the years—and to stuff him so far down their own roster in hopes he might flee town just to remember what direct sunlight feels like, Marković clung stubbornly to the club, like a small but aggravating tick that wouldn’t release its bite until it had its fill. Marković made no appreciable impact on any of the clubs Liverpool loaned him out to, never becoming a regular starter and, over the past four seasons, making 41 league appearances for five different teams in four different countries, scoring just four goals. The only time one of the teams that brought him in (Anderlecht) made an effort to sign him permanently at the end of a loan, Marković snubbed them in order to suck down the last drops of cash Liverpool owed him in the final season of his contract.

It wasn’t until this January, coming into the final months of the ill-conceived five-year contract the club handed Marković during that fateful transfer window in 2014, that Liverpool finally got rid of him. On the final day of the winter transfer period, after spending the first half of the season with the Reds’ reserves, Liverpool and Marković agreed to end their contract so that Marković could join eventually relegated Fulham on a free transfer. Fulham gave Marković a contract that lasted to the end of the season.

At last, Liverpool were free of Marković, and Marković free of Liverpool—free to restart his career in earnest in a new permanent home. After playing him in a single match during the back half of the season, Fulham announced today that they have released Marković, making him once again a free agent.

Were Marković a better player, it might be tempting to castigate him for not doing more to realize his potential. Talent is in such short supply in this world, and so many without talent sacrifice so much in a doomed attempt to realize their dreams, that those with talent have a duty to use it well. Marković, thankfully, is different.

In the best case scenario, Marković (who is still only 25) probably would’ve topped out as a middling contributor to a mediocre team in a good league, or as a good player on a good team in a bad league. Marković hasn’t wasted any precious resources in his years steadily siphoning money out of John Henry’s bank account. Instead, he’s been doing the Lord’s work, refusing to let platitudes like “duty” or “honor” or “shame” prevent him from cashing every one of those big checks—the size of which he almost certainly never see again—Liverpool promised him.

Marković is a worker, same as any of us, doing only what he needs to do to make sure the money keeps coming in. He is a positive role model for the salaried wage slave who takes maybe one week off every year despite their employer’s unlimited vacation policy. He is a beacon from a brighter world for the NFL player cast out on his ass by a capricious team’s unilateral decision to cut short his non-guaranteed contract. He is an icon to slackers everywhere, a man who lucked into a high-paying position he was probably never qualified for and had the good sense to ride it out as long as he could, knowing the only true disservice would be to voluntarily bail out the indecently rich company that paid him by turning off the spigot himself.

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Rangers have won their appeal against Jon Flanagan’s two-match ban.

In last weekend’s Old Firm derby, referee Kevin Clancy booked the Gers full-back for elbowing Celtic captain Scott Brown.

Flanagan was then cited by the SFA as complicance officer Clare Whyte reviewed the footage and retrospectively handed Flanagan a two-game suspension.

But the Ibrox club appealed the decision, before a strongly-worded statement, and Flanagan’s red card has now been rescinded.

The incident has sparked controversy between both sets of supporters in why the decision was overturned, pointing the finger at the SFA for their inconsistency. On today’s Football Scotland Daily we look at the IFAB rules in detail and ask if they explain why the card has been rescinded.Violent conduct is classed: “When a player uses or attempts to use excessive force or brutality against an opponent when not challenging for the ball, or against a team-mate. team official, match official, spectator or any other person, regardless of whether contact was made.””In addition, a player who, when not challenging for the ball, deliberately strikes an opponent or any other person on the head or face with the hand or arm, is guilty of violent conduct unless the force used was neglible.”

IFAB define brutality as: “An act which is savage, ruthless or deliberately violent.”

You can listen to the podcast in the player above.

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Marko Grujic will travel with Liverpool for this Saturday’s Champions League final, but admitted uncertainty over his long-term Anfield future.

The Serbian international enjoyed a fruitful loan spell in the Bundesliga with Hertha Berlin last term, making 22 appearances and earning regular praise from the club’s manager Pal Dardai.

Despite impressing at Hertha, Grujic’s side were only able to finish 11th in Germany’s top flight and the combative midfielder could once again try and force himself into the thinking of Jurgen Klopp this pre-season. Despite becoming Klopp’s first signing as Liverpool manager in January 2016, Grujic has made just 14 appearances for the Reds – the same total he managed during a half-season loan spell at Cardiff in 2018.

Earlier this month, Hertha general manager Michael Preetz claimed he had held talks with Klopp over the possibility of keeping the 23-year-old on for another season.

However, Grujic, who is now getting set to cheer on his team-mates in Madrid this weekend, was non-committal in an Instagram post on Tuesday.”Now when the season is over, [I] just wanna take a opportunity to say big THANKS to Hertha fans on fantastic support during the whole season.” he posted.

“Been an okay year for the team,where i think we deserved much more. Speaking back in February , Grujic admitted he viewed himself as a Liverpool player, despite a string of loan spells elsewhere.

“Of course, my target was to be a regular player of Liverpool and I’m still thinking I can do that,” he told ESPN.”In life, it never comes without any issues or problems. It will come, I’m sure. I’m still young, 22, and the time works for me.”

Grujic’s last Liverpool start was a 2-0 defeat at Leicester in the Carabao Cup in September 2017 with his most recent appearance coming as a substitute against Brighton in December that year.

Liverpool will meet Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham in their second successive Champions League final on Saturday for what will be their first-ever game at Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

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When Ovie Ejaria first arrived at Rangers from Liverpool on a season-long loan [BBC Sport], the signs were good.

Some fans were immediately impressed by the no.10’s languid style.However, the praise didn’t last for long.

Ejaria turned out 28 times for the Gers in all competitions but produced next to nothing in the final third.

For example, in 14 league appearances, he mustered just a solitary goal and the same tally of assists.

By December, the majority of Bears had had enough. After matches against Aberdeen and Dundee, he was ridiculed by the supporters on social media.In 16 league appearances, he again managed just the single goal, in a 1-1 draw with Rotherham. Alongside that, he produced two assists.

Overall then, a tough season for the former England youth international. He certainly didn’t prove the fans wrong after jumping ship on Gerrard, and he’ll hope for better returns if a further loan stint follows next season.

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Pedro Chirivella, un joven futbolista valenciano nacido en 1997, decidió marchar a Liverpool para jugar en uno de los equipos más grandes de Europa. Esta temporada, la mala suerte se ha alidado con el jugador; vino a Extremadura para jugar cedido, pero los papeles llegaron tarde desde Inglaterra y no pudo ser inscrito en LaLiga. No obstante, sigue teniendo contrato con el Liverpool y está a las órdenes de Klopp.

Su entrenador: “Es muy cercano a los futoblistas. Sabe cómo mantener a todo el grupo unido, titulares y suplentes, y eso es una gran ventaja para que el equipo rinda como está rindiendo”

Rock and Klopp: “No es una forma de fútbol fácil e implica mucho entrenamiento. Desde el primer día dejó claro que quería jugar un fútbol alegre y de ida y vuelta, cosa que desde el primer día quedó reflejada”

El 3-0 de la ida: “Aquí no se lo explica nadie y en Barcelona creo que tampoco. El partido fue muy igualado, incluso creo que el Liverpool fue algo mejor, pero Leo Messi volvió a marcar la diferencia. Espero que con el ambiente de Anfield se pueda marcar un gol pronto y meter el miedo en el cuerpo”

Anfield: “Va a haber un ambiente especial. Anfield en las grandes noches europeas es mucho Anfield. Queremos meter un gol pronto para que el estadio nos lleve en volandas y hacer la machada”

Las ausencias de Salah, Firmino y Keita: “Son tres jugadores de clase mundial con los que no podemos contar, pero el Liverpool ha demostrado que tiene muchos buenos futbolistas”

Miedo a no ganar nada: “Más que miedo podría ser decepción. Aun así, creo que aunque el Liverpool no gane nada este año hemos hecho una tamporada espectacular”

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said striker Roberto Firmino “will be fine” to face Tottenham Hotspur in the UEFA Champions League final on Saturday.

The Brazil international has not played since he appeared from the bench in Liverpool’s 3-0 defeat to Barcelona in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final.

He was absent as the Reds pulled off a remarkable comeback in the second leg at Anfied:Liverpool are preparing for their second consecutive Champions League final and their fourth final under Klopp.They lost 3-1 to Real Madrid last year in Kiev, 3-1 to Sevilla in the Europa League final in 2016 and on penalties to Manchester City in the 2016 League Cup final.

Liverpool are favourites to break that run on Saturday in Madrid:And if Firmino is involved, their chances of winning a first trophy under Klopp will be improved further.

The German said it will be the biggest achievement of his career if he is to win the Champions League with Liverpool:As well as last year’s loss to Real, Klopp also suffered defeat in the final of the Champions League back in 2013, when his Borussia Dortmund side lost 2-1 to Bayern Munich at Wembley Stadium.

Looking at form, there is only one winner of Saturday’s final, as Liverpool finished the Premier League season with nine consecutive wins, while Spurs won just three of their last 12.

Equally, the Reds beat Tottenham home and away in the English top flight in 2018-19.

But in a one-off game with such a huge prize on the line, there can be no guarantees, and Liverpool will have to be at their best to beat Tottenham in Madrid.

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Bournemouth are ready to bid for Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet.

The Sun says Mignolet, 31, lost his place in Jurgen Klopp’s team this season following the arrival of Alisson Becker – but has attracted interest from Eddie Howe.

Howe is ready to offer regular Premier League football after Mignolet’s frustrating season, which will end with a place on the bench this weekend against Tottenham.

The Belgian has made just two appearances this season – against Chelsea in the League Cup and Wolves in the FA Cup – both 2-1 defeats.

Liverpool are willing to let him go for £15m and he is on Howe’s shortlist for a new No1 next season.

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Eesti jalgpallikoondise kapten Ragnar Klavan on vigastusest paranenud ja saab taas vajadusel koduklubi Cagliari eest väljakule joosta.

Põlvesidemeid vigastanud Klavan käis viimati väljakul 20. aprillil, kui ta sai mängida 61. minutit. Toona alistas Cagliari koduväljakul 1:0 Frosinone.

Laupäeval läheb Cagliari koduväljakul vastamisi Rooma Lazioga ning Klavan on taas nimetatud meeste sekka, kes on kohtumiseks üles antud.

Kolm vooru enne hooaja lõppu hoiab Cagliari Itaalia kõrgliigas 40 punktiga 12. kohta. Lazio on 55 silmaga kaheksas. Endale tiitli juba kindlustanud Juventus on kokku saanud 89 punkti.Cagliari võttis laupäeva õhtul koduväljakul vastu Lazio ning pidi leppima 1:2 kaotusega. Eurosarja kohta jahtiva Lazio väravad lõid Luis Alberto 31. ja Joaquin Correa 53. minutil, kodumeeskonna auvärava lõi viimasel mänguminutil Leonardo Pavoletti. Klavan tegi kaasa terve kohtumise.

Kui eestlasei koduklubi on kaks vooru enne hooaja lõppu 40 punktiga 13. kohal, siis Lazio tõusis 58 silmaga seitsmendaks